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Solar led street light system introduction Share

The solar led street light consists of the following parts: solar panels, solar controllers, batteries , LED street light fixtures, light poles, and some have inverters.

1. Solar panel

The panel is the core part of the solar streetlight system, which converts solar energy into electrical energy that is stored in the battery through the controller. Solar panels are generally made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon.

2. Solar Controller

The controller is an important accessory in the street lamp system, and the solar panel, the battery, and the lamp are connected through the controller. The controller functions as a control and protection function for controlling the normal operation of the load output power, charge and discharge, and battery overshoot and discharge protection.

3. Battery

The battery is a high-value accessory in the solar system. It plays the role of storing electricity during the day and powering the street lamp through the controller at night.

4. LED street light fixture

LED lamps are generally used, and the right lighting can be selected to ensure good lighting. The LED lamps produced by SUVPR use brand light sources such as Osram and Philips, which are stable and have a luminous efficiency of 160Lm/w or more, and exert a remarkable effect in the solar street lamp system.


5. Light pole

According to the width and spacing of the road, choose the appropriate height of the light pole to ensure better lighting effect of the LED street light fixture under the premise of energy saving.




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