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Which photovoltaic applications will benefit farmers? Share

It is often said that residential photovoltaic power stations are particularly suitable for rural markets, so what other kinds of photovoltaic applications can benefit farmers besides this photovoltaic product?

1. Agricultural photovoltaic greenhouse

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse power generation does not occupy the ground, and will not change the nature of land use, so it can save land resources. It can play a positive role in effectively reversing the large decrease of cultivated land under the circumstance of large population increase. On the other hand, the photovoltaic project is built on the original agricultural farmland with good land quality, which is conducive to the development of modern agricultural projects, and the development of modern agriculture and supporting agriculture is conducive to the combination of the second and third industries and the first industry. And can increase the economic income of local farmer directly. In addition, the use of roof power generation can meet the electricity demand of agricultural greenhouses, such as temperature control, irrigation, lighting, etc., and can also be connected to the grid and sold to the power grid company, with state subsidies to achieve income increase.

2. Photovoltaic water pumping system

China's agricultural terrain is complex, large area of electric power irrigation, every time when the need for irrigation in drought, agricultural power load connected to the Internet, has been very tight on the grid has caused a lot of pressure, agriculture due to irrigation power is not guaranteed and reduce the phenomenon often occurs. The emergence of agricultural photovoltaic water pumping system can timely solve this problem, reduce the cost of agricultural water conservancy electricity and transmission construction, expand the scope of power supply, and completely solve the problem of agricultural hydropower in remote mountainous areas and areas without power or lack of power. Nowadays, it is very common to use solar photovoltaic water pumping system for daily water lifting irrigation in the fields of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in China.

3. Solar street lamps

That is, solar street lamps familiar to ordinary people are widely used in the construction of beautiful villages around the country. It can be said that photovoltaic street lamp is one of the most suitable photovoltaic products in rural areas, which has the following four advantages:


1)Convenient installation, saving costs. Installation, do not auxiliary complex lines, only make a cement base, do a battery pit, fixed with galvanized bolts. Do not need to consume a large number of manpower, material resources, financial consumption.


(2) low maintenance costs, a investment, long-term benefits. Because of the simplicity of the lines, no maintenance costs, no expensive electricity costs. 6 to 7 years to recover the cost, 3-4 years to save more than 1 million electricity and maintenance costs. But the electric street lamp electricity fee is high, the circuit is complex, needs the long-term uninterrupted to carry on the overhaul to the circuit.


(3)Energy conservation and environmental protection. Photovoltaic street lamp is the use of natural light source, reduce

the consumption of electricity; No pollution, no radiation, in line with the modern concept of green environmental protection.


(4) security. There may be hidden dangers caused by construction quality, material aging, power supply disorder and other reasons. However, photovoltaic street lamps do not use alternating current, but use battery to absorb solar energy and convert low-voltage direct current into light energy. There is no potential safety hazard.

4. Home photovoltaic power station

Farmers use their roof of idle resources, can build a household photovoltaic power station, the installed capacity is 3kw or 5kw, more than 10 kw, 20 kw, thus saving electricity, will also can get subsidies, to burn the electricity can also sell to grid, income is stable and reliable, is the national recognition and vigorously promote clean energy use, and even become a main application of photovoltaic (pv) poverty alleviation mode.



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